ID Printer Rentals and Demos

ID Printer Rentals and Demos

Did you know Image Sales offers ID Card Printer rentals and demos?

Maybe your card volume is too low to justify the purchase and maintenance of an ID Card System and too high to use our Service Bureau; maybe you badge your employees only once a year; maybe you have an important event coming up and need an extra or spare printer; maybe your printer is out for repair and you can’t stop badging…. There are many reasons you might need a rental printer. We have a variety of models available for rental. Please call us for current availability and pricing.

We offer ID Card Printer Demonstrations. Our Sales Team will bring a demo printer to your site (local area), show you the printer in action, and answer all of your questions.  You are welcome to come to our office for a demonstration too; however, we do ask you make an appointment. If you want to try out a printer for a week, you can rent one from us. If you like the printer and decide to buy from us, we’ll credit the rental fee towards your new printer.

Looking for a refurbished printer? We often sell our demo printers to turn around our stock! Great prices on printers that were very well maintained could be a great deal.

Prices and availability may very. Contact us for a quote.

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