Do you regularly clean your ID card printer? All ID card printer manufacturers recommend regular cleaning.

Why should you clean your printer regularly? Because...

  • it prevents misprints caused by dust. Nobody wants a dust spot on their face; 
  • dirty card rollers can cause cards to miss-feed or jam; 
  • it will prevent ribbon breakage; 
  • it could void part of your warranty. Some manufacturers warranties have exclusions if you fail to clean your printer regularly; 
  • it will last longer.

If you don't have a cleaning kit, you should order one and follow the directions included with the kit. Our Learning Center has videos which include basic printer maintenance. 

Do you want us to maintain your printer for you? We offer this service within our local area*. Please contact us for details and a quote. Or you can also send your printer in for maintenance. See details below.

*Please note that any service outside of our service area is subject to travel Image Sales, Inc. is located in the San Francisco Bay Area in Concord, CA. We also have a field office in Sacramento.

Our service area includes Sacramento in the north to Santa Cruz in the south and Modesto/Stockton in the east to, of course, San Francisco in the west.


Note: If your printer needs to be shipped to us for maintenance or repair, please talk to one of our technicians prior to shipment. You’ll need an RA number and important shipping instructions.