Proximity Access Cards


Name brand Vs Unbranded
Upgrading whole access control systems can be costly and time consuming. Even great solutions such as the D24Secure NFC™ system can be too much in certain scenarios. Keeping your current access control system may be the best strategy, but do you need the name brand card?

For most common formats, having a branded card could add over $2 per card! Our unbranded cards from DigiOn24 are becoming more and more popular among our customers.

Not only are the unbranded cards less expensive, turn-around is much faster since we can encode them in-house. Most orders ship on the same day they are placed!
The cards will work the same. You will not notice the difference.

But can you do any format?
Aside from some very uncommon and/or outdated formats, we can replicate virtually any format you currently use: 26-bit, 34-bit, 35-bit, 37-bit cards...

Choose from PVC, composite cards, clamshells, key fobs, executive key chains, PVC adhesive disks, wristbands, key tag cards...

If you are not sure what format your card is, no problem! We have special equipment that can read your existing card and inform us if we can replicate it or not.

Custom Printing
Another advantage of having unbranded cards is the fact that you can add your own branding to it! Some customers add foil printing, or the classic “if found, return to...”, and so on. Ask us about customization options.