D24Secure NFC™ Multi-Format Technology


Save Money with the Single Access Card Solution. D24Secure NFC™ Multi-Format Technology!


Mergers & Acquisitions
In the current economy, mergers and acquisitions have become one of the leading new challenges for access control system users in America. The good news is that we offer new technology that will help these types of transitions to be less stressful.

Single Card
D24Secure NFC™ is a new multi-format card and reader technology with a single access card solution for merging access control systems with different data formats, numbering schemes and card technologies.

Cost Savings
D24Secure NFC™ is a low-cost open-platform Smart Card technology which allows users to keep their current card ID numbers and Wiegand formats, adding cutting-edge encryption, site-specific card and reader passwords, mobile applications, and forward compatibility. If you are currently using more than one ID badge, D24Secure NFC™ Multi-Format cards could save you upwards of 200-300% on ID card costs!

The Problem
Merged access systems may have different Wiegand data formats and card technologies. Typically, when merging systems, the approach is to change one of the systems to match the other. However, many old control panels cannot be upgraded because there is no way to change or add card formats.

Replacing old panels can be very costly and time consuming with installation labor, rewiring, and reprogramming. Multi-technology cards won’t work if both systems use proximity.

The Solution
Suppose you are merging two systems; one with a 35-bit format and an older system with a 26-bit format. Leave both existing systems, controllers, and wiring in place. Upgrade your cards and readers to D24Secure NFC™ technology, then encode both Wiegand data formats onto each D24Secure NFC™ card. The readers are easily configured to select the correct Wiegand data format for the system to which they are connected.

Here is what we are offering
A complete solution to support M&A scenarios requiring access control system consolidation, consisting of

  • D24Secure NFC™ Card readers - Wiegand output mullion and wall switch models
  • D24Secure NFC™ Credentials – ISO, ISO/Mag, Keytag and Adhesive Discs
  • Free consultation and assistance to make the M&A happen as smoothly as possible

The Benefits

  • Cardholders need only a single card to access combined facilities
  • Save up to 30% on replacement card costs*.
  • Universal replacement readers use existing Wiegand cables – no rewiring
  • Avoid costly access control system replacement or upgrades
  • Avoid costly multi-technology readers
  • Avoid card price increases due to legacy technology
  • Avoid running out of card numbers (common with 26 and 35-bit formats)
  • Adds the site-specific passwords and encryption keys at no additional cost.

*Compared with name brand typical prox card pricing.


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