ZXP Series 7: 10 Enhancements & Upgrades

Introducing 10 Industry-leading Enhancements and Upgrades for the Zebra® ZXP Series 7™ Card Printer
Zebra's fast and reliable ZXP Series 7 card printer now offers 10 industry-leading enhancements and upgrades to provide customers with even more options to meet their card printing needs.  Known for its photo-quality card printing in medium- to high-volume applications, the ZXP Series 7 card printer provides maximum performance at an exceptional value.

Customers can easily and conveniently upgrade their existing ZXP Series 7 printers to benefit from new options designed to enhance print quality and card protection, provide additional security, reduce waste and minimize downtime.

The ZXP Series 7 enhancements provide numerous benefits to your customers:

  • UHF RFID encoder for secure access, long-range tracking and identification.
  • Integrated barcode reader technology scans and reads serialized cards for added security.
  • The only printer in its class offering 802.11b/g wireless connectivity, this solution means cable-free printing-taking the worry out of having access to network ports (available to order on May 15, 2014).
  • New Zebra Duo-Print™ dual-sided printing upgrade kit- add this feature to an existing ZXP Series 7 single-sided printer or stock single-sided printers and upgrade only when needed.
  • A range of new ribbons provides the most versatile printing options in the market.


  • Medium- to high-volume environments
  • High-security environments

ZXP Series 7:  Enhanced Features





UHF RFID Encoder Reads and encodes UHF cards as they are printed.  Industry-leading read, range and accuracy when coupled with Zebra UHF cards. Great for customers who need a "hands-free" access control solution.
  • Healthcare
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Field-installable hardware upgrade
Barcode Reader Integrated barcode reader technology scans and reads serialized cards for added security.
  • Critical and secure applications in government and financial services
  • Requires new printer purchase
802.11b/g Wireless Connectivity(Available to order on May 15, 2014) The only printer in its class to offer 802.11b/g wireless connectivity.  A fast and hassle-free wireless connectivity option for medium- to high-volume card printing.
  • Retail
  • Education
  • Entertainment
  • Field-installable  hardware upgrade
Duo-Print Upgrade Kit Stock single-sided ZXP Series 7 printers and upgrade them when needed. Flexible, dual-sided printing capability eliminates manual card flipping for speed and convenience.
  • All
  • Supported by latest firmware and driver update
½-panel YMCKO Ribbon Enables spot color for photo-quality images in full color plus crisp black text.  Economical and low waste.
  • Industries needing a color photo or feature on a portion of the card
  • Supported by latest firmware and driver update
KdO Ribbon Dye-based black panel printing creates shades of gray for crisp graphics and top-quality photos.  An overlay protects against wear and tear.
  • Retail membership cards
  • Government ID and voter registration cards
  • Healthcare ID and insurance cards
  • Supported by latest firmware and driver update
KrO Ribbon High-capacity ribbon roll with overlay protects against scratches and allows more images per roll for reduced printer downtime and maximum efficiency.
  • High-use access cards
  • Cards exposed to wear and tear
  • Supported by latest firmware and driver update
WrKr Ribbon 2-panel white and black ribbon for printing on dark colored pre-printed cards. The white panel allows for personalization to the front side, and the black panel allows for adding fine print and serialization to the back side.
  • Leisure
  • Financial services
  • Industries using loyalty/membership cards
  • Supported by latest firmware and driver update
Monochrome Blue, Red, Gold and Silver Ribbons Easy-to-load, individual color ribbons add high-impact color personalization to preprinted cards.  RFID tags in each cartridge identify and calibrate the printer for top-quality printing.
  • Financial services
  • Hospitality
  • Gaming
  • Sports & Entertainment
  • Supported by latest firmware and driver update
Scratch-off Gray Ribbon Gray, scratch-off coating secures/covers ID and PINs on preprinted gift and cash-value cards for fraud protection.
  • Retail
  • Financial services
  • Supported by latest firmware and driver update

All features with the exception of the barcode reader can be purchased and added to an existing ZXP Series 7 printer through a hardware and/or a firmware upgrade.

Innovation on a proven platform.  See how the ZXP Series 7 printer's industry-leading enhancements deliver top performance, make integration easy and keep total cost of ownership low.  Click here to request a quote! And scroll down for Trade-In information (or click here)

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