Jolly Software Assurance Plan

Attention Jolly Technologies Software Users!!

In the past, Jolly Technologies offered version upgrades at a 40% discount. Now, to get an upgrade you must either purchase the new version at full price or be covered by their  Software Assurance Plan. In addition, Jolly is discontinuing support for the legacy products versions 5 and below. 


Rumors of a version 7 release are floating for some time. Because of that, Jolly is having an End-of-Life promotion.  The idea behind this promotion is to get you to the current version, covered for new upgrades for an one year period. This promotion gives you one last chance to upgrade at 60% of product MSRP, AND get one year of  Software Assurance Plan for free!


While Jolly Technologies does not guarantee or publicly provide an upgrade schedule, version 7's release is expected to happen in the near future. The included Software Assurance Plan will give you version 7, if it is released within the next year.


This offer ends March 31st, 2014, extended from its original expiration of November 30th, 2013. After this offer expires, you will need to purchase the new software at full price to upgrade. Please consider taking advantage of this offer.


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