TECH TALK: ID Flow for Membership cards

TECH TALK: ID Flow for Membership cards
How to create and print ID cards with barcodes while managing detailed member logs?
ID FlowMany fitness centers use ID cards in order for their members to gain access to the facility. There are many benefits to requiring patrons to show or swipe IDs such as properly identifying members versus visitors, tracking member frequency, keeping accurate records of renewal dates, and many more. With ID Flow by Jolly Technologies, creating membership ID cards for your fitness center, gym, or health club is simple! 

ID Flow allows your facility to quickly and easily create custom IDs with barcodes for all your new and existing members. Using this professional graphics tool, your gym will be able to create ID cards complete with barcodes, color photos, signatures, fingerprints, renewal dates, biometrics, or any other data you see fit! Does your gym offer different levels of membership? ID Flow comes with several pre-configured databases that are customizable and allows users to create an unlimited number of cardholder groups with unique designs and databases; all accessible from one convenient central database. As an administrator, you can customize the process of creating ID cards for your employees allowing new members to enroll and receive their IDs quickly! ID Flow provides several barcode types including PDF417 and Data Matrix 2D, magnetic strips, and smart chips for easy scanning. If you require watermarks, Jolly Technologies has also provided the option of adding images that can only be seen in ultraviolet light! Printing is simple, too! You can print ID cards one at a time or in batches using automatic content adjustment with ID Flow’s Card Production Center.

That’s not all! Managing and locating records for your fitness facility members is quick and easy as well with ID Flow. Search by scanning barcodes, entering member ID numbers, or any set of data you personally choose in order to gain instant access to detailed member histories, activity logs, reports, and/or charts. Print, import/export logs, view spreadsheets of multiple records, or move between single-view records with just the touch of a button; this can even be done by directly connecting to any open database such as Oracle, Microsoft Access, or My SQL among many others.

Issue ID Flow for Fitness Centers

  • Create custom ID cards
  • Encode data with barcodes, magnetic strips, and smart chips
  • Print single cards or in batches
  • Watermark and transparency effects
  • Contact-based and Contactless smart cards
  • Highly-portable software
  • Automatic filtering of content when printing

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