What's new at HID Technology Card Production Department


What's new at HID Technology Card Production Department

As we mentioned in our last newsletter, HID has moved all card production to Texas. We anticipate a slightly longer delivery time during the transition. With that in mind, please allow about two weeks for your technology card orders. 
HID is now laser engraving the external numbering on all cards (see picture). In the past, the numbering was printed by default with inkjet and laser engraving was offered at an extra charge. 

HID recommends that DTC card printer users leave 1/4" space unprinted on the back of the card. Retransfer card printers work fine over the engraved numbering. The engraving does not affect the printhead and it is safer for the printers, eliminating the risk of the ink transferring to surrounding cards. Laser engraving is also more ecologically friendly.

Remember: we can still program small amounts of cards in-house and we still have the generic cards available right here in the bay area. Ask your sales representative for more information. 
Last note: for the month of November, we're running a promotion on all technology card orders!
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