CCHC Tracks Attendance Accurately with Lobby Track


TECH TALK: How to effectively track people in your premises

Tracking visitors, vendors, staff... is no easy task. Is there an easy way?

The answer is YES! There are many ways to keep good track of people coming in and out of your premises. Image Sales offers a wide range of visitor management solutions that can fit any budget. From a simple visitor log book to write on and keep a carbon copy to a printable badge on a self-service check-in kiosk. The options come in many shapes and forms. It all depends on your needs. Hospitals, for instant, need to be compliant with certain rules and can't have visible lists of visitors. Schools might need a watch-list linked database for the students security. Big corporations might need an expiring badge to make sure a visitor doesn't try to come back with the same badge.
Today we'll show you how CCHC McKinney Children and Community Health Center improved their visitor management system using Lobby Track, our best seller visitor management software. 
"We were very impressed and appreciative of the help that Lobby Track has given our organization.  It has been a great way to help us keep better track of our staff and volunteers and has saved us an enormous amount of time."
Michael Mixson, RN
Director of Technology

About Children and Community Health Center

CCHC is a community based effort to deliver basic healthcare to the underserved residents of McKinney and the surrounding areas. These services are provided through a free clinic staffed by volunteer healthcare professionals and supported by community volunteers.

CCHC's staff of 200 volunteers handles an annual average of 10,000 clinic visitors.


CCHC needed a method to track employees and their large pool of volunteers in an efficient and reliable manner. Prior to Lobby Track, CCHC's identification system served only the purpose of creating badges, leaving them without any method of tracking or follow-up.Furthermore, their time and attendance system consisted of paper time sheets. At the end of each quarter, several volunteers would have to spend several hours going through these by hand.

With a large contingent of student volunteers fulfilling their clinic hours requirements, CCHC needed a means of tabulating these students' hours efficiently. Furthermore, they needed a way to track all volunteer and staff hours to generate accurate reports for grant applications.

Lobby Track has allowed CCHC to move its time and attendance system into a more efficient and accurate solution. They have been able to sort volunteers and staff into groups by position to assist scheduling and attendance records. By having an all-in-one badging and attendance program in Lobby Track, it has made it easier for the busy staff to keep track of all the volunteers.

Lobby Track's reporting mechanism has allowed CCHC to print and export individual attendance reports for their student volunteers. This accurate reporting is imperative for these students to receive community credit in order to graduate from nursing school. This reporting has also been essential to creating accurate reports of volunteer and staff hours needed for the grant application process. Lobby Track has made this once tedious process much more efficient.

  • Saves much needed time
  • Easy to implement
  • Accurate reporting capability
  • Compatibility with barcode scanner
In Summary

"Lobby Track has saved a tremendous amount of time and energy. We have been able to divert our volunteer hours from administrative work to the purpose of helping our patients," says Mr. Mixson.
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