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Success Story: Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC)

Success Story: Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) 

Zebra Card Printer solutions and Data Management Expiring Badges used to improve Nuclear Plant security

In response to the increased potential of terrorist attacks against key infrastructure facilities, the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has raised security standards for nuclear power plants. Zebra Card Printer Solutions has been used to create a custom ID verification application to help a major power provider meet the NRC's new security requirements, increase efficiency, and reduce costs. On the visitor management side, Data Management Expiring badges have been used to increase tracking and security of visitors walking around the facilities. 

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What's new at HID Technology Card Production Department

Learn about what's new at the HID Card production department

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Introducing Matica's newest direct-to-card printer: Espresso
2014-10-27  |  Marketing Department

Learn about Matica's latest release: Espresso Direct-to-card Printer

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Tech talk: Butler University Success Story

Zebra Success Story: Butler University cuts hours off new students registration

Butler University

Industry                                                            Butler University Logo

Butler University struggled with slow printing of student ID cards, especially during high-volume new student registration. Ink also didn’t hold up well over time.

Zebra’s ZXP Series 7 card printers integrate printing and lamination into one step, and deliver faster, higher-quality printing.

•For new student registration,integrated printing andlamination saves approximately 45 seconds on every card.
•Across 200 students, Butler saves 2.5 hours, allowing staff handling registration to complete the process sooner.
•With digital printing, colorphotos don’t fade and printed dye doesn’t wear off or transfer to wallets, reducing frustrating for students and campus staff.

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Longer ETAs on HID access cards
2014-09-04  |  Image Sales Shipping Room

Due to structural changes at HID, all Card production is now located in Texas. With that said, expect a longer ETA when ordering HID access cards. That means that all cards we need to order directly from HID will take around 2 weeks to be delivered. Remember: we can still program small amounts of cards in-house and we still have the generic cards available right here in the bay area. Ask your sales representative for more information.

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ID card printer service special over but service still available
2014-09-04  |  Image Sales Tech Team

ID card printer service special over but service still available
Clean, calibrate and adjust your printer with us!

The ID Card Printer Maintenance Special offered all summer long has expired, but you can request our maintenance services all year long. Regular maintenance will extend your printer's life, give you better card quality, and fewer card glitches. Help keep your ID printer in top shape! Call us today and schedule your maintenance! Please do not send us your printer before talking to us. You will need a Return Authorization Number and instructions on how to ship your printer correctly. 

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Zebra Success Story: International Dragon Boat Federation
2014-08-25  |  Zebra Access Website

Central to a sport spanning over 6000 years, the International Dragon Boat Federation (IDBF) promotes dragon boat racing worldwide. Over 70 countries are members and 2500 competitors are involved in the World Championships each year from a vast variety of accredited clubs.

A software and printer solution has now been developed specifically for processing Dragon Boat regatta participants, using Zebra's ZXP series 3 printers to print personalized race ID cards and streamline the competitor accreditation process.

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Job opening

We have a job opening for a Customer Support/ID Card Printer Repair Tech.
Who is the best person you can think of with good computer, mechanical, and customer service skills?

Please pass this on to anyone you may know with these skillsand help us network to find the right person. We will provide training for the industry specific skills.

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ZXP Series 7: 10 Enhancements & Upgrades
Introducing 10 Industry-leading Enhancements and Upgrades for the Zebra® ZXP Series 7™ Card Printer
Zebra's fast and reliable ZXP Series 7 card printer now offers 10 industry-leading enhancements and upgrades to provide customers with even more options to meet their card printing needs.  Known for its photo-quality card printing in medium- to high-volume applications, the ZXP Series 7 card printer provides maximum performance at an exceptional value.
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Tech Talk: Visitor Access Control Tips


Visitor Access Control Procedures Should Be Reviewed Regularly
by Paul Kazlauskas (Visitor Pass Solutions Blog)


Does your company have a procedure to "sign-in" visitors who come to your facility?
Most companies do. Unfortunately, the visitor control procedures used by many companies have evolved over a period of years and are sometimes inconsistent and ineffective. It is recommended that the manager responsible for security periodically review the procedures its company uses to sign-in and control visitors. 

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Jolly Software Assurance Plan

In the past, Jolly Technologies offered version upgrades at a 40% discount. Now, to get an upgrade you must either purchase the new version at full price or be covered by their  Software Assurance Plan. In addition, Jolly is discontinuing support for the legacy products versions 5 and below. 

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Tech Talk: Is your ID data protected from a CRASH?

Let's say your computer crashes today. Would you have to reenter all your data? Would you have to take new pictures and recreate all your design templates? You will, if you don't have a current backup. Why not setup an automatic backup?

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Newsletter - July/August 2013 Issue

In this latest revived newsletter, we'll talk about our new Website, our new President, our new technical support staff member, our new promotion and our new line of Zebra Printers. We will also share tips for buying the correct cards for your printer in Tech Talk!

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Tech Talk: Are you using the correct card stock for your printer?

Find out if you're using the correct card stock for your printer.

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Tech Talk: Tips for good ID photos

What makes a good ID photo? Learn what and how to get there with this tips.

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Tech Talk: Ribbon Efficiency

Learn how to better use your Ribbons to avoid waste and save money!

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